Sharon Davidson: A Caregiver’s Prayer 

Master of the Universe,  

As I wake each morning to the heartbreaking tasks of providing care to my loved one,  

I pray for the energy and patience to meet the challenges of the day ahead and the days to come. 

I pray that I can perform these duties with kindness and respect, in order to maintain his dignity and honor his humanity. 

I pray that I can preserve the memory of his intelligence and integrity and to repay his commitment and loyalty to me. 

I pray that I can sustain my humor and dedication in order to offer this care lovingly. 

I pray for the continued support and steadfastness of family and friends to keep me from isolation and loneliness. 

I pray for the ongoing expertise and compassion of his physicians to deliver the optimal treatments. 

I pray for the wisdom, ethics, and judgment to make the increasingly grim decisions that are facing us. 

I pray that I can remain optimistic even in the face of this devastating decline. 

I pray that I can be guided by my nobler motives rather than by exhaustion and expediency. 

And so, I pray for the ability to face this unwelcome present and future with courage and with the comfort of knowing that I will have fulfilled my vows and devoted the best of myself to him. 

Keyn Yehi Ratzon (May it be G-d’s will) .

Originally written by Sharon Davidson in honor of her beloved Stuart Davidson, Summer 2019. May those caring for loved ones now during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond find their own strength and comfort in connections to our tradition and community. 

Sharon Davidson is a mother of two sons, Mark and Aron, with two fabulous granddaughters, Hannah (14) and Bela (9). She has been active as a volunteer for decades in the San Diego Jewish community and a member of Congregation Beth El of La Jolla since 1976, and a member of CBB since September 2020!  Professionally, she has been a management consultant since the mid 80’s, working primarily in the non profit sector, and has worked extensively with volunteer boards, consulting on governance practices.