Adele Rosen: Moving During the Pandemic

I have always trusted using the word GRATEFUL whenever referring to the events in my life. I always felt comfortable in starting a conversation with friends or strangers by saying, I AM GRATEFUL………

This past March began with the warning of Covid 19. What is Covid? I thought. So after some research and listening to the experts I realized maybe this was what I suffered all of February with a persistent cough, chills, slight fever, and the worst tired feeling ever.

I consulted with my favorite Doc, took three rounds of antibiotics and stayed close to home. However our HOME was not secure. We received a notice that our eight year lease on the comfortable and lovely home was not to be renewed.

Soon came the LOCKDOWN. Closures of businesses, fear of shopping not just for food, but for a Replacement HOME.
My criteria was location, location, location…We loved our comfortable cul de sac and the proximity to all that was familiar.

We exhausted the various real estate people whom we know, web sites, and ads.

The Hebrew word bashert is perfectly exemplified by our finding a new home directly across the street from our existing home. It would be vacated by folks who had to move for Covid conditions.


We bought a wheel barrow and used this convenient four wheel grown up Toy to move clothes, boxes, art, food, and even precious crystal and china.

Can you imagine the number of footsteps we made to settle during this time?

Most people downsize during a move. We had no where to “dump” the unwanted things to make a downsize.

Today I am back using the word “GRATEFUL” because we still have my entire art collection, my china, my crystal, and we have had the experience to pass over all the negative thoughts and the loneliness of not socializing and still keeping a sense of humor.

Adele Rosen says, “CBB has been my partner in life as my community for the past 50 years. Thank you all for support in finding success in my career and social life.”