Michael Wasserman: Visiting GHIS in Israel
I had the privilege to be the “special guest” at GHIS this past week.  Can you imagine?  GHIS is a private, not for profit high school in Israel that our CBB Community has taken under our wings helping them to fly and even soar.  GHIS is doing the unique work of bringing Israeli Arabs and Jews, and high schoolers from other countries (many of which counties also experience conflict and internal struggles) together, and in my opinion, proving our common humanity, making space for all narratives, and realizing, of course, peaceful coexistence.  The “kids” are living this at the boarding school and we hope the adults “In the many rooms” are taking notes.
I am part of CBB’s GHIS Committee. We are about 10 people and it’s truly a super star group that has given tremendous amounts of thought and action directed at helping the school succeed.  Our Committee has raised money, tutored students, connected the school with experts in marketing and other areas to make the school stronger.  We have even helped to recruit new students.
Truly, while on campus, and attending the Israeli Advisory Board meeting, I represented our entire Committee and when I say that the Israelis are amazed at the work little SB is doing you can believe me.  They thanked us personally and expressed awe for our efforts, commitment and achievements.  I sensed envy because their communities are not typically uniting and working together as we do!  We can be so proud of ourselves and our community’s values and collaborative spirit!
Michael Wasserman, his wife Liat, and daughters Sarina and Leora have been members of CBB for almost 20 years.  Michael works in Wealth Management and his clients span from Latin America to Israel.