Mrs. Raymond King Myerson: A Word from Our Matriarch

At the suggestion of a very dear friend who recognized the value of my experience, I am sharing this information with any who may find it of value.

Because of very advanced age and diminution of eyesight I have secured the company of four local people who read to me.  When each of these volunteers comes to my home with protected mask I have the joy of listening to an approximate hour of reading aloud to me.  It is pleasurable for me and I’m told that it is equally of pleasure to them. Over a period of many months I’ve had the experience of meaningful words, lighthearted thoughts and interchanges with the readers themselves. With the limitations imposed by the Corona virus, this is a way of overcoming boredom and isolation. I urge anyone who is similarly impaired to reach out, secure volunteers, and enjoy the pleasure that I’ve experienced.
Natalie Myerson is a long-time congregant and matriarch of the Congregation B’nai B’rith and Santa Barbara Jewish Community. Back in March, Rabbi Steve Cohen gave tribute sermon in honor of Natalie on the occasion of her 100th birthday. Click here to view.

If you or someone you know would benefit from caring connections during this pandemic, please call the synagogue office (805)967-7869, or email our Director of Community Engagement, Mariela Socolovsky/