Rabbi Daniel Brenner: Maybe and Definitely

Maybe you will read this one day,  

Or Maybe someone will tell you 

All of the definitely we want for you 


Maybe you will be a boy 

Maybe a girl 

Maybe binary definitions won’t confine you 

And you will teach us something new 


Maybe you will follow traditions 

Of a people you are born into, unequivocally yours 

Or maybe you will break barriers, break from your heritage 

We hope not, but maybe 


Maybe you will be a sibling 

That is not in your control 

But as your ema and I have learned  

Life is definitely a maybe 


Maybe you will be happy 

Not always, but enough 

To anchor you and fly you over time  


you will definitely be sad 


Maybe you will go to college 

Maybe you will go to grad school 

Maybe you will find no need for the institutions of education past  

But you will be wise, and educated, and well-read definitely 


Maybe the world will get better when you show up 

Maybe you can stop our anger 

Maybe you can cure disease 

Maybe you will be the key to peace in the Middle East, which will happen, definitely 


Maybe you will live to 100 

Maybe you will lead a revolution  

Or maybe you will leave earth’s gravity 

And let the world revolve around you 


Maybe you will meet God in a bush 

Or in person 

Or in a person you love 

Or maybe you will demand God come out to meet you halfway 

God definitely won’t mind, nor will the person who loves you back 


You are definitely Maybe 

Because Maybe is potential 

Maybe sits at the top of the roller coaster 

Maybe tugs on your fishing line 

Maybe is all you can do if you embrace definitely 


Definitely you will be loved 

Definitely you will be cherished, and doted on, and scolded, and taught 

Definitely you will win and you will lose 

Definitely you will live, because you are Maybe, definitely.