By Sebastian Fishman

3The Men of B’nai B’rith (MoBB) got together at the end of August to do some hands on work on CBB.  This kind of volunteering is at the core of the group, we are not just getting together to have fun and meet more people (which is a big part of it), but also we want to contribute to make our second home better.   After several discussions with Facilities and the Leadership team at CBB, we agreed on what is that was doable and effective from our side.  The decision was to work on the stairs in the back and the handicap ramp.

For around three hours, the MOBBsters did manual labor digging, scrapping, hauling dirt, pouring gravel, sanding, using shovels, pick axes, sanders, hammers, jack hammers.  saws, etc….We left over a couple of things for completion to Michael Baker and Stephen Turner (not too long, hopefully 10 min each…).  Overall, we achieved the goal we had intended to meet.  Success!!  Not just in improving the facility, but also because we met people we did not know before.

We completed the activity with Rabbi Eliyahu Gervitz Dvar Torah about construction related situations (very appropriate).  He also led us on the prayer prior to our meal, a delicious Argentinean style lunch prepared by Chef Extraordinaire Doug Weinstein.

Men…if you’re not part of the group but are interested in joining us or just hearing more about what we do, please feel free to reach out to me. Also, we’re planning more activities for the future, including building the CBB Sukkah on Thursday, October 13.

Thank you all for participating on this activity, it was a great experience.   I also want to thank Stephen Turner and Michael Baker for directing the activities, Elizabeth Gaynes and Paul Zakrzewski for opening the door for us to do the work, Dave Gaynes/Robert Ingrum/Doug Weinstein/Michael Wasserman from the MOBBster Steering group that organized and lead the activity, and most of all, our wonderful clergy Rabbi Steve and Cantor Mark who continue to support our group