Golden Aleph

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Golden Aleph:

What You Need to Know 

1 mid-week day

Fee included in Grade Level tuition (Grades 4-6)


80% attendance is required, for children planning to have a bar/bat mitzvah, so be sure to pick a day that suits your schedule for optimal attendance and success. Less than 80% attendance will require remedial tutoring at your own expense, if you plan to participate in the b’nai mitzvah program.


What’s it all about?

The Golden Aleph Program is our new mid-week Hebrew program, (modelled after a successful program at Kehillat Israel in Pacific Palisades)! The kids are going to love it!

Golden Aleph will help students progress at their own pace, let them work with small groups at similar levels and provide incentives to work towards new goals each week.  And, the program is great for parents, too, helping you choose the time that is most convenient for your busy schedules and offering online support and study materials for helping your students if desired!

Step ONE: All students must master the aleph bet and be able to list the names of each letter and the sound that it makes, plus be able to list the sounds of the vowels in just 5 minutes. Many students have passed already in our experimental practice this past spring! Assessments will be given every 2 weeks and teachers will help students work towards improving each time they take it until they are, at last, a master of the aleph bet. When they become a master, they will receive a “golden aleph” dog tag necklace and be placed in the next group.

Step TWO: Students will be moved to new groups whenever they pass another level. After the Golden Aleph level, students will work in small groups on sets of prayers. Their goal is to master the prayers. Mastery means being able to read the prayers with some fluency, understand and explain the meaning of the prayer overall and identify some key vocabulary words within the prayers. Each time they master a set of prayers, another dog tag will be awarded.

Step THREE: Continue through the groups and program, mastering all prayer groups AND also trope (torah cantillation) with Cantor Mark. If all prayer groups are completed before the completion of 6th grade, there will be a conversational Hebrew offering for those accelerated students.