Pribram History

History of Pribram Jews First mentioned in 1238, one of the oldest Jewish settlements in the Czech lands. In 1568 the Jews were expelled from the town. Historical sources refer to their number at the time as “sizeable.” In 1853 the first Jewish family moved back, in 1880 there were 332 Jewish citizens, in 1900 [...]

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Our Year of Living Torah: My Journey

Our Year of Living Torah: My Journey By Judy Mannaberg-Goldman Originally printed in CBB's Voices magazine, Spring 2013 (page 15). In the summer of 2011, I became involved with the restoration of our Czech Holocaust Memorial Scroll #35 from the Czech town of Pribram. My connection was extremely personal; my paternal family was from Czechoslovakia so my [...]

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How The Scrolls Were Saved

How the Scrolls Were Saved After the defeat of Germany, a free and independent Czechoslovakia emerged, but it was a country largely without Jews. Most of the surviving Jews in Prague and the rest of Bohemia and Moravia were from Slovakia and further east from Subcarpathian Ruthenia. Prague, which had had a Jewish population of [...]

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CBB’s Young Professionals Trip to Germany

Tribe Trek to Berlin Join us for a once in a lifetime trip to Berlin co-sponsored by Congregation B’nai B’rith and Germany Close Up (GCU). This exhilarating eight-day trip will provide Jewish young adults with a whirlwind tour of Germany’s burgeoning, multicultural society. From arts and cultural tours, to meetings with German diplomats, professors and [...]

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WWII Veteran Legacy Award Honoree: Howard Smith

Born in Cornis, Utah December 4, 1924  90 years old Volunteered for U.S. Airforce as B-17 bomber pilot.   Flew 29 missions over Europe.   Pearl Harbor 1:48- I was skiing and we came down off of the mountain. We were about 30 miles from home, so we stopped at a drugstore to get something to [...]

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WWII Veteran Legacy Award Honoree: Leonard Rosenfield

Born in Minnesota. Volunteered for the US Army Was rejected from combat units (too skinny) Stayed in USA working for the Army on secret radio and communications projects. 4:03 He’s a certified art teacher, graduated from the Walker Arts Center in Minnesota and also went through Chouinard Institute out in L.A. and L.A. trade tech. [...]

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WWII Veteran Legacy Award Honoree: Bernhard Penner

Born in 1926 in Germany in a small town , 89 years old. Enlisted in the U.S. Army. Served in the Pacific in the Infantry as rifleman. In 1938 I was one of a very small group of Jewish kids from Germany who were on a kinder transport. You’ve probably heard of kinder transports to [...]

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WWII Veteran Legacy Award Honoree: Jack Nadel

Born Brooklyn, NY. 92 years old. Volunteered in U.S. Army Aircorp as a B-29 bomber navigator and radar officer. Flew 27 missions.   1:50-3:50- story about horse sculpture, study for a dream about horses running from east to west side of Berlin wall. 4:00 Born October 4, 1923 in Brooklyn, was 171/2 living in NY [...]

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